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Let's lighten your academic work load by undertaking your assignments, projects, research works & other academic related services.

What is Eduufy?

Eduufy is a subsidiary of Alvahtek that is established for the purpose of undertaking assignments, projects and research work for students while providing other academic related services.

The idea behind Eduufy is to efficiently provide accurate and professional academic work effectively for students who for one reason or the other are not disposed to handling their academic work personally; Eduufy stands in the gap to a seamless academic experience.

Eduufy comprises of highly qualified and passionate team members from diverse field & professional background who you can trust to give you your desired outcome.

Why choose us?


We don't joke with Accuracy! All work done and delivered are guided by the principle and core value of accuracy.


Beyond accuracy, we deliver high standard work by giving it a touch of professionalism.


We produce your desired result in an efficient manner that ensures timely delivery.

Our Services

We undertake the following services for our customers/students


We undertake your assignments at minimal cost


We provide you with quality project work and suggest viable project ideas and topics


Do you need to carry out any academic research work? We are here for you

Plagiarism check

Avoid copyright infringement and locate instances of plagiarism within your work

Curriculum Vitae/Cover letter

CV can make or break your chances at getting considered for your dream job or application. Don't break that chance. Get yours with us

Business plan

Get a well structured and designed business plan to meet your academic or business needs

Financial Analysis/Planning

Are you in need of analyzing and planning your finances/financial statements for business or academic purpose? We are here for you


Let's provide you with a well structured budget for any budgeting period

Our Clients/Students

Our clients include students and alumni from various institutions in Nigeria and abroad

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